Saturday, July 21, 2018

BoyzTown - Pattaya

Your guide to Pattaya gay area, BoyzTown

BoyzTown was founded in the 80s and was host to the first ever gay establishment in the city of Pattaya. In years gone by, BoyzTown was actually much larger, populating the neighboring streets with gay bars and GoGo clubs. In recent years, however, there has been a decline with many of these places closing down. BoyzTown today is predominantly focused on one street, Pattayaland Soi 3. There are 3 other male GoGo Bars a 1-minute walk away.

BoyzTown is a vibrant, colorful and entertaining place. Many tourists walk through just to see the spectacle. BoyzTown is host to the biggest male GoGo Bar in Pattaya, Boyz Boyz Boyz, which acts as a central point for the area. They have nightly parades on the street with the handsome working boys singing and dancing on the street before show time to entice customers to come inside. This usually happens around 21:15. For the best view grab a table at Panorama and enjoy the spectacle.

Many visitors choose to stay in BoyzTown as it hosts 3 hotels, The Ambiance, Copa and New Café Royal. Each of these has terraces that serve food and a bar. You will also find 3 more GoGo Bars, 2 Cabaret, 3 massage shops and a further 3 beer bars.

Each hotel, bar, and gogo will have handsome boys outside attempting to entice you inside for a drink, a massage or a show. It can often be hard to navigate the small street with the large number of boys around.

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