Pattaya Gay Bars

A complete guide to all current Pattaya Gay Bars

While the gay scene in Pattaya may be spread out across the city, the fact that Pattaya gay bars are concentrated in 3 main areas makes navigating gay Pattaya fairly easy.

Jomtien Complex is now the main gay area in Pattaya. With over 20 gay bars, mostly on 1 street, it’s a buzz of action every night of the week. A good mix of expats and visitors frequent these bars. Expect a huge number of handsome guys who work at these bars, ready to welcome you and help you enjoy your time here. Jomtien Complex is by bar the best value area of Pattaya, with cheap drinks and food readily available.

BoyzTown, while not what it used to be, still hosts 2 gay bars where you can sit on the terrace and watch the world go by. It should be said that this area is becoming very expensive, with prices equal to or more expensive than Bangkok gay bars in many cases.

Lastly, we have Sunee Plaza. This gay area of Pattaya can be very quiet, but after a few years of low trade may be finding a new lease of life. For a first-timer, this area can be a little tricky to find and navigate. That being said, it can be a very fun place to visit. There are a number of open-air gay bars here with handsome guys ready to welcome you and sell you drinks.

Each area of gay Pattaya has its positives and all offer something slightly different. Your best option is to visit them all and see what you enjoy the most.

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