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Soi Twilight - Bangkok

Your guide to Bangkok's gay red light district, Soi Twilight

Soi Twilight has for decades been the hub of Bangkok’s gay red light district. Knows locally as Soi Pratuchai, this small street is littered end to end with boy bars and male GoGo Bars. It would take considerable effort to not locate this soi as the many neon signs flashing bar names such as Hot Male and X Boys can be seen from quite a distance when waking along Surawong Road.

It would be fair to say that anything you imagine could happen on Soi Twilight, Bangkok’s gay red light district, probably does, and then some. Nothing is left to the imagination here, with some gay gogo bars offering full live sex shows.

It is estimated that over 1500 young men work on Soi Twilight all offering sexual services to any paying customers. Don’t be fooled. These boys are not your friends, however nice they are. They want your money and they will do most things to get it.

Offering 7 gay GoGo Bars, 7 Beer Bars, two of which serving food and two very naughty massage shops, it’s easy to lose an evening here, whether you wish to only enjoy the ambiance or indulge in something a bit more naughty.

One thing you should note is this area of Bangkok is not cheap. If you are used to Silom Soi 4, you can double the prices when at these bars. If you want to go into a GoGo, drinks can be 5 or 6 times more expensive. Generally, small beers start at 120 Baht in the beer bars. GoGo bar drinks start at 400 Baht. It’s very easy to spend a lot of money here without much effort.

Having extensive up to date knowledge of this area, check out our bar guides to see which venues you think might suit you best when you visit.

Soi Twilight Gay Bars

Soi Twilight GoGo Bars

Soi Twilight, or by its Thai name, Soi Pratuchai is located in the district of Silom, central Bangkok. Located off Surawong Road very close to the BTS and Patpong night market.

By BTS Sky Train: The closest BTS station to Soi Twilight is Sala Daeng (BTS Code S2) on the Silom BTS Green Line. On exiting the station, walk up Thaniya Road. At the top of the road take a left. After one minute walk, Soi Twilight will be on the other side of the street. You can’t miss the neon signs.

Taxi: Ask any taxi driver for Patpong. It’s pronounced the same way it’s read, PAT-PONG. Your best bet it to say PAT-PONG THA-NON SURA-WONG. This will put you about a minute away on foot. Alternatively, if you are a little more comfortable with taxi driver communication, you can ask for RAYA HOTEL, THA-NON SURA-WONG. This hotel is right next to the entrance to Soi Twilight.

UBER or GrabTaxi: In both mobile apps you can search and find The Raya Hotel, Thanon Surawong Road. This is essentially at the entrance to Soi Twilight.

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