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Bangkok Gay Nightclubs

A complete guide to all current Bangkok Gay Nightclubs

As with much of the west, Bangkok Gay Nightclubs have been on the decline. Gay guys feel welcomed and accepted in all establishments now and tend to not ghettoize themselves anymore. That being said, there are still a couple of dedicated gay clubs in the gay area of Silom. There are other gay nightclubs in Bangkok but they generally cater to a local crowd and are a long way away from Silom. It can often take over an hour to get there.

As with most nightclubs, the gay nightclubs in Bangkok have an entry charge. Depending on the day and time of year you can expect to pay between 150 and 400 Baht for entrance.

The 2 main gay nightclubs in the Silom area are a minute walk away from each other on the Silom Road. They are also a 1-minute walk from the BTS Skytrain station Sala Daeng. Keep in mind though, the BTS Skytrain network closes at midnight.

Silom Gay Nightclubs

Bangkok Gay Nightclubs Outside Of Silom

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