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Bangkok Gay GoGo Bars

A guide to Bangkok's Gay GoGo Bars

Bangkok Gay GoGo Bars can be found in the Silom area of Bangkok. Most of them are found on on a small street called Soi Twilight, or it’s local name Soi Pratuchai. Visiting these venues isn’t for the faint-hearted or easily shocked. You can expect very explicit stage shows in pretty much all these bars. A number of the Gay GoGo Bars do put on fantastic performances with costumes, big stage performances, and very handsome guys.

We have visited all the bars in Bangkok and it’s true enough to say they all have a different vibe. They all have different shows and different guys working there. Jupiter 2018 has fit gym type guys and a non-explicit but erotic and well-choreographed show. Classic Boy has an underwater show and Dream Boy has 2 shows over 2 floors with the most gogo boys out of any bar in Thailand.

It is worth mentioning that these establishments are not cheap. You are required to by a drink when you enter and sit down. This will cost you between 300 and 500 Baht, depending on the place. If you wish to buy a boy a drink and have him come chat with you, expect to pay 50 to 100 Baht more than you bought your drink for.

Keep in mind all the guys working in these bars are available and looking for customers to take them away from work for some personal time. If you wish to take a guy away, expect to pay a bar fine for him leaving work. This is usually around 500 Baht. Remember you will also have to pay him for his time once you have left, and that can be anything from 2000 to 5000 Baht.

Silom Soi 4 Gay GoGo Bars

Soi Twilight Gay GoGo Bars

Patpong 2 Alley Gay GoGo Bars

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