X Boys

X Boys is a Bangkok gay GoGo bar and can be found at Soi Twilight
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X Boys has been known for a few years at the only gogo bar left in Bangkok that still has live sex shows every night. Recently reports say this may have changed and we will confirm if that is the case as soon as possible.

X Boys is very easy to find as it is the first gay gogo bar you reach when walking up Soi Twilight. It is on the right side of the soi just after Banana Bar on the ground level. You can’t miss the big X Boys sign on the wall.

On any given night X Boys will have 20 to 25 gogo boys working on the stage, with a handful of handsome waiters handling orders for customers. The waiters as of 2017 are mostly Vietnamese boys, straight, but still available should you take a fancy.

There are 2 shows every night, one starting at 10 pm and the other at 12:30 am. They are usually a carbon copy of each other, however, a bigger audience can mean a more extravagant, or explicit show.

Drink prices are 400 Baht here and you are required to buy a drink on entry. This is essentially your cover charge. If you want to buy a boy a drink, they will cost you 450 Baht. If you want to take a boy home, you will be paying the bar a fine of 500 to 600 Baht.

One warning about this place is the tendency for it to get very busy with Chinese tour groups and this is year round. One issue is they are often largely female and can get very loud, over excited and generally irritating as hell. If you think this would irritate you, check out the other gogo bars.

X Boys‘s Features & Facilities :

Business Type: Gogo Bar
Features: Bar, Music, Explicit Stage Shows
Opening Times: 20:00 - 01:30
Telephone Number: 
Street Address: Soi Twilight, Bangkok
This listing was last updated January 13, 2018

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