Jupiter 2018

Jupiter 2018 is a Bangkok gay GoGo bar and can be found at Silom Soi 4
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Jupiter 2018 is a new addition to the array of gay GoGo bars in Silom, Bangkok. Before May 2017, the owner of this new venue owned another gay GoGo bar by the name of Jupiter 2002. It was located a 5-minute walk away from the new venue, just off Surawong Road. The old venue still exists, however now goes by the name of Moonlight. Moving to this new location on Silom Soi 4 they have taken on a new name. What you can expect is the same style and business model that exists as previously at the old bar.

Jupiter 2018 is a large venue, furnished fantastically and certainly a more classy experience than other gay GoGo bars in the area. Do not expect much sleaze here. The nightly shows are very classy with erotic dancing and cabaret numbers. Expect a small amount of nudity, but little more.

Jupiter is known for a different breed of boys. The guys working here are generally tall, gym fit and largely straight. Don’t let their heterosexuality put you off though!

Jupiter 2018 is the best value male GoGo Venue in Bangkok. On the nearby Soi Twilight average drink prices are 350 to 550 Baht. Jupiter is smashing the competition with a better venue and drink prices of only 280 Baht. Be aware this is a non-smoking venue, however, the very comfortable seating area outside is a great spot if you wish to light up.

If you would like to have one of the GoGo Boys come and join you, you are expected to purchase them a drink. You will pay slightly more for his “Boy Drink”. If you wish to take one of the guys back to your room, the bar fine is 500 Baht. Expect a boy to expect a tip of 2000 to 3000 Baht for a couple of hours in your room, known locally as “Short Time”. Remember to negotiate everything you expect, and the money you will be paying before you leave the venue. If you need translation help, the bar staff will be happy to help you out.

You should expect a very mixed crowd here as the venue is certainly not limited to gay men or even westerns for that matter. Unlike the rest of the Silom Soi 4, Jupiter 2018 has recently become very popular with the Chinese and other Asian tourists. This includes large numbers of females, often in large groups. This can often be very irritating, so be prepared.

Jupiter 2018‘s Features & Facilities :

Business Type: Gogo Bar
Features: Bar, Music, Cabaret, Free Wi-Fi, Cocktails, Outside Seating, Explicit Stage Shows
Opening Times: 20:30 - 01:00
Telephone Number: 0061 794 4698
Street Address: Silom Soi 4, Bangkok, Thailand
This listing was last updated July 17, 2018

Jupiter 2018‘s Location