Fresh Boys

Fresh Boys is a Bangkok gay GoGo bar and can be found at Soi Twilight
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Fresh Boys is a ground floor gay GoGo Bar located on the right-hand side of Bangkok’s gay red light district, Soi Twilight. Expect pushy touts outside as you approach trying to drag you inside for over-priced drinks and their nightly stage shows.

With a central stage and seating around the edge, you can enter Fresh Boys for the price of one drink, 400 Baht. On any given night expect 20+ gogo boys on the stage looking for customers, tips, and drinks. The nightly show starts at 22:00 but we would advise arriving beforehand for a good seat.

Most of the GoGo boys are not actually involved in the show and would be happy to sit with you for a drink while the show is happening. You can buy them a drink, but it will cost you 450 Baht. If you want to take a boy home with you, expect to pay a bar fine of 500 Baht if he is a GoGo boy and 700 Baht if he is one of the dancers.

Shows consist of a number of erotic dance routines and drag queen cabaret song. We advise being careful of the staff working here. They are very good at trying to extract extra money from customers, especially newbies. This can come in the form of pestering for tips and even ordering drinks for themselves and charging you for them, without your knowledge or consent. Be watchful and don’t be afraid to voice a stern “NO”.

Fresh Boys‘s Features & Facilities :

Business Type: Gogo Bar
Features: Bar, Music, Cabaret, Explicit Stage Shows
Opening Times: 20:30 - 01:30
Telephone Number: +66 2 637 1156
Street Address: Soi Twilight, Bangkok
This listing was last updated January 13, 2018

Fresh Boys‘s Location