Scorpion Bar

Scorpion Bar is a Bangkok gay bar and can be found at Soi Twilight
scorpion bar

A funny bar that is usually very quiet. Located at the far end of Soi Twilight, many visitors never even make it this far up the soi, thus not even realizing Scorpion Bar exists. A small bar with 2 tables and a row of stalls running along the front of the establishment, this is a spot where you can relax in the company of a handful of handsome boys.

Scorpion Bar goes through weird stages with its staff. A year ago, it was full of new arrival Vietnamese boys, mostly straight but still looking for customers. For a large majority of 2017 it was populated by a majority of Burmese boys. 5 or 6 of them to be exact. All very friendly, happy to have a drink with you and also just as happy to come home with you.

Drink prices here are relatively standard for Soi Twilight bars. Bottles beers are 120 baht. Boy drinks are 150 baht.

Sad to report that at the end of 2017, most of the boys had left this bar. It spent a week with no boys working there at all, with 2 of them moving to Banana Bar at the entrance to Soi Twilight.

In summary it can be very hit and miss but certainly worth walking by and seeing if anyone takes your interest. If someone does, it’s a nice quiet spot for a drink and a chat with a handsome working boy.

Scorpion Bar‘s Features & Facilities :

Business Type: Bar
Features: Bar, Music, Cocktails, Outside Seating
Opening Times: 17:30 - 02:00
Telephone Number: 
Street Address: Soi Twilight, Bangkok
This listing was last updated January 13, 2018

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