Ocean Bar

Ocean Bar is a Bangkok gay bar and can be found at Soi Twilight
ocean bar

Ocean Bar is the smallest bar on Soi Twilight and seems to survive on a small group of expat regulars. For most visitors to Bangkok, there will be little of interest here. The owner is a very friendly Thai guy and is often a great source of gossip for the happenings in the area. He normally has 2 or 3 boys working at his bar who, as I was told, have been working there for years.

Ocean Bar has standard Soi Twilight drink prices. Bottles beers are 120 Baht.

Ocean Bar‘s Features & Facilities :

Business Type: Bar
Features: Bar, Music, Outside Seating
Opening Times: 17:30 - 02:00
Telephone Number: 
Street Address: Soi Twilight, Bangkok
This listing was last updated January 13, 2018

Ocean Bar‘s Location