gay phu quoc


It may be many years before the underdeveloped paradise island of Phu Quoc becomes a viable gay destination. Vietnam as a whole is yet to make a run for a cut of the gay tourism money places like Thailand enjoy.  That being said, there is still a great deal of fun to be had if you like your quiet getaways. Gay Phu Quoc may be on the way.

With the new international airport now in operation, the island is under heavy development. The big chain hotels are building massive resorts and privatizing the beautiful beaches that dot the coast of this beautiful island. In short, if you want to see this island, go soon before it’s teeming with tourists.

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duong dong phu quoc

A beer by the river in Duong Dong


The main town is where most of the gay guys seem to be hiding here. Not really a surprise there. The town is called Duong Dong and reminded me very much of Hanoi. I actually didn’t spend much time here, just 1 day and the evening. A beer and some fresh seafood next to the river was a fantastic end to the day. It’s very busy with backpackers and motorbikes and as with most built-up areas in Vietnam, very noisy.

Grindr and Hornet, while popular in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, don’t get used much here. I found most of the action tended to be found on Blued. Often guys can be a good few kilometers from where you are staying, but it’s not usually a problem. It seems everyone here has access to a motorbike. Another huge benefit was spoken English was very good here.

I stayed in a very remote part of the island, an area called Cau Can. It seems this beach is one of the only ones yet to be bought and developed. The handful of small resorts on this stretch are all very small and are owned and ran by local families. The resort I stayed at is called Vung Bau Resort. I highly recommend this resort and you can take a look at it here on Agoda.

While there might not be a big gay scene on Phu Quoc, there is certainly no lack of local gay guys to meet up with. If you want a quiet break from the rest of Asia while traveling or vacationing, then this is certainly a good option. Phu Quoc is very cheap. Expect beers to be under $1 and meals in restaurants to be around $3.

Have you been to Phu Quoc while traveling in Vietnam? If so please let us know your experience.


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