soi twilight bars 2017


Soi Twilight, or as it’s locally known Soi Pratuchai has seen little change in 2017. No establishments have changed their name or closed, however, there was been an addition of a small bar outside of X-Boys GoGo bar which was removed after 2 months. For those not in the know, we are going to do a quick rundown of each of the Soi Twilight Bars so new or returning visitors can get an update on things in the gay red light district of Bangkok.


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Banana Bar
Banana Bar has graced the entrance to Soi Twilight for many years and continues to provide some of the best seating for people watching any night of the week. Parking yourself on one of the street facing stools, you will always be waited on hand and foot by an array of handsome boys who will always be happy to join you for a drink and chat. With standard drink soi twilight drink pricing, you will pay 120 baht for bottled beers and 160+ for spirits and mixers. Most of the boys who work here are Thai, although there are a couple of Laos boys, most of which speak very good English.

Hot Male Bar
Located opposite Banana Bar is Hot Male Bar which to a degree is a carbon copy of Banana. A favorite of the Soi Twilight Bars for many visitors. With stools again facing the soi you are sure to be in a prime position for people watching and observing the action in and out of Soi Twilight. You will be taken care of by an array of handsome Thai & Myanmar boys for standard drink pricing with bottled beers starting at 120 baht and spirits priced upwards of 160 baht.

Hot Male GoGo
When walking up Soi Twilight the first male GoGo bar you reach is Hot Male, the first set of stairs on your left. Hot Male is a large gogo bar with the central stage surrounded by extensive seating areas. On a normal night, there will be 20+ boys working here and a nightly show at around 10 pm. It can sometimes be delayed if audiences are small. Drinks are expensive here. You will pay 400 baht for a drink, and you are required to purchase a drink on arrival. If you wish to buy a boy a drink, boy drinks are 450 baht. Bar fine if you wish to take a boy from the bar is 500 baht. The shows here are not overly explicit but feature erotic dancing and lip sync dancing numbers.

Hot Male 2
Hot Male 2 is the busiest host bar on Soi Twilight. A host bar is beer bar when boys want to keep you company, in return for drink and tips. Hot Male 2 has an array of comfortable sofas, the only bar with this kind of seating on Twilight. On an average night, there will be around 10 boys waiting out the front of this bar trying to coax you inside for drinks, conversation and some flirting. Many customers here purchase a bottle of spirits, which start at 1800 baht a bottle. You can sit and enjoy the company of the boys sharing your bottle with them. Beers here start at 120 baht, and spirits start at 160 baht. If you do decide to enjoy the company of the boys working here, remember to tip them when you leave. If you want to take a boy from the bar, the bar fine is 500 baht.

X-Boys is located on the right of the soi right after Banana Bar. Known for having the most naughty shows, little is left to the imagination if you’re here at show time. Expect live sex from an array of 20+ gogo boys and dancers. There are 2 shows a night, one at 10 pm and the next at 12:30 am. X-Boys also has a number of very handsome waiters, mostly Vietnamese boys. The gogo boys and the waiters all have numbers, so feel free to take one home. Just pay the bar 500 baht. Drink prices are standard gogo prices here. You will pay 400 baht on arrival for a drink. If you wish to buy a boy a drink these are 450 baht. X-Boys can get very busy with Chinese tourists and often groups of females. This isn’t the largest of gogo bars and the music can often be very loud making conversation pretty difficult, especially if you are talking to one of the boys working here. You have been warned!

Fresh Boys
Fresh Boys is located right next to X-Boys and is the same size and layout as next door. The shows here are not as naughty but still entertaining with hot dancers, nudity and ladyboy singers. Fresh Boys is also graced by a number of very handsome waiters, again mostly being from Vietnam. They are available to take home just as the gogo boys are for the standard bar fine fee of 500 baht. Standard drink prices again with your drinks costing 400 baht and boy drinks at 450 baht.

Maxis Bar & Restaurant
Maxis is a great place to start your evenings, especially if you want a bite to eat while watching the entertainment passing by. Depending on your choice of seating here, you can actually see into the gogo bars opposite on occasion which provides some very interesting views. You will also have the pleasure of seeing the message boys sitting outside the massage shop opposite which is perfect if you plan to pick a boy for an evening massage. Maxis have good seating and tables, serving a selection of Thai and Western food options at reasonable prices. Maxis also serve a selection of wine, cocktails and draft beer, although only Leo beer. Drinks start at 120 baht and food is reasonably priced, starting at 150 baht.

Dicks Café
Dicks has become a quiet getaway from the busy and loud action of Soi Twilight. Being away from the loud bars and with comfortable outside seating set back slightly from the soi, you can have a more relaxing experience here. Dicks has a great food menu with an array of Thai and Western dishes and reasonable prices. Dicks also have a great cocktail menu, all costing 220 baht. Dicks has a loyal clientele and can be a great place to meet like-minded individuals if you are traveling alone. If you are familiar with Dicks Cafe in Jomtien, Pattaya – This place has the same owner and is essentially its twin establishment.

Dream Boys
Dream Boys boasts too being the biggest gay gogo bar in Thailand. It’s certainly not a lie. Spanning 2 floors and having more than 60 gogo boys on any night, there is something here for everyone. What you will experience is the highest drink prices of any male gogo bar in Bangkok. Your drinks will cost you 480 Baht. Boy drinks are 550 Baht. Dream Boys has multiple shows throughout the night. If you have the financial means you can certainly make a night of Dream Boys, as many do. Expect large numbers of Chinese tour groups and customers here, but also the largest choice of handsome guys you can find in Bangkok.

Probably the most rundown of Soi Twilight Bars, X-Size still hosts a good number of GoGo Boys, with an eclectic mix of Thai, Laos and Vietnamese boys. Located just after Dream Boy on the left side of the soi, head up the stairs and grab a seat. There are nightly shows but the times change dependant on audience numbers. Drinks here are 350 Baht and bar fines for boys are 500 Baht.

Ocean Bar
Ocean Bar is a tiny little bar towards the end of Soi Twilight on the right-hand side. It is the smallest venue on the soi with a couple of boys working there. Standard drink prices with beers at 120 Baht. It’s certainly more of a place to relax than an entertainment venue. Just another of the Soi Twilight Bars you can choose to relax at.

Scorpion Bar
Right after Oceans Bar, the last bar at the end of the soi is Scorpion Bar. A favorite spot for many as a number of handsome boys work here and are happy to have a drink with you. A mix of Thai, Burmese and Vietnamese boys can be found working here any night of the week. With a low music level, it’s a great place to relax away from the often very loud entrance to the Soi.

Classic Boys
The last venue on Soi Twilight location right at the end you will discover Classic Boy. This gogo bar is known for having gogo boys who are on the twink side. Hosting the only underwater show on the street, expect an entertaining evening here. Drinks are 400 baht, bar fines are 500 Baht. The waiters here are known for sometimes being very pushy for tips and drinks. Don’t let them get to you. A firm NO always works.


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