pattaya gay beach


Jomtien beach is fairly large and many people I talk to don’t actually know how to find the gay area, which has long been known by the name of Dongtan Beach, Pattaya gay beach. I am far from a long time visitor to Dongtan Beach but I am happy to share my experience and knowledge of the area.

Getting to Dongtan beach is reasonably easy, from anywhere in Pattaya. Grab a Songthaew, or as many call them a Baht Bus and head towards Jomtien. As soon as you get to the beach the bus will take a left turn to travel down the beach front and the rest of Jomtien. At that corner, get off the bus. There is a 7-11 on the corner. Simple turn right and walk down the beach. That would be the opposite direction to the Songthaew route. You need to walk for about 5 minutes until you see a large toilet block on your left. As soon as you pass that you have arrived.

There are 3 main seating areas here, all being different businesses as such. They can be identified by the different colors of the umbrellas. My personal favorite is the first guys on the immediate left after the toilet block. A guy called Chit from Myanmar has been there for many years and he really takes care of his customers. Drinks are very cheap here, with beers from 80 Baht. They also squeeze fresh fruit juices if you’re not a daytime drinker. Food can be ordered and delivered to you from the restaurants behind, usually Tui’s Place Guest House.


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The one downside to this beach, as with many in Thailand is the multitude of vendors who borderline harass you every few minutes. They are selling everything from food, ice creams, tourist junk and even Viagra. Just be firm and they won’t hassle you for too long. Alternatively, wear some blacked out sunglasses and just pretend you are asleep when you see them coming. Works a treat!

The vendors you might be interested in are the massage guys that roam the beach. You can grab yourself a foot massage or full body massage on the beach for a very low cost, generally start at around 200 baht. There are also ladies doing manicures and pedicures from 200 baht. A nice way to pamper yourself while relaxing here.

I think it is worth mentioning a conversation I had with a friend during my last visit. He has been coming to Thailand, specifically Pattaya for 18 years now. I always enjoy hearing about the history of places and how they have changed over time. Dongtan Beach is certainly no exception. Jomtien has high rise buildings popping up all over, especially along the beach. Big hotels and condo buildings stretch the length of the beach but these are new additions.  He was telling me that 15 years ago the entire stretch of Pattaya gay beach was nothing but sand. No building or anything. The first building you saw was Tui’s Place Guest House, letting you know you had arrived at Dongtan Beach. Tui’s Place Guest House has been a gay place to stay and hang out for over 20 years now.

Ultimately you can have a great time here. The waiters are all very handsome and flirty and you are always treated very well. One thing that is worth mentioning is valuables. If you are planning to go into the ocean for a swim, leave your valuables back at your hotel. There are no lockers or safe places to store your things here. You can use the toilets in Tui’s Place to get changed or, well relieve one’s self, for 10 Baht.

Let us know about your experiences here or if we missed anything. Be advised that right now, September 2017, there is significant building work taking place on the beachfront and the beach vendors are closed on Wednesdays.


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