best gay dating apps in thailand


Today we are going to look at the best gay dating apps in thailand to help you find the guys you are looking for when spending time in the land of smiles. As with all countries, different gay dating apps have different levels of popularity. This is specifically true in Thailand topped off by the fact some apps are more popular for different activities and types of people, whether that be money boys, Asian guys or western guys.There are way too many gay dating apps to cover all of them so we will cover the 4 most popular, these being Grindr, Hornet, Planet Romeo and Blued.


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Grindr is a huge app globally and certainly the biggest in the Western World. It’s not the best gay dating apps in thailand, but still widely used. You will find mostly tourists on Grindr, mixed in with a few local guys and a bunch of money boys looking for customers. If the local cuisine isn’t to your taste, the best place to find free hook-ups with tourists is most likely Grindr.



In my opinion Hornet is the best gay dating app in Thailand. It’s jam packed with local boys, men, tourists and money boys. There are far more users online than other apps. If you have the funds, grab a premium subscription to help you narrow down what you are looking for. You will have no trouble finding money boys (for paid fun) or local boys (for free fun) on Hornet. This should be your go to place for finding some sexy time.


Planet Romeo

If you are on the hunt for a money boy, you will find a good number here. They will also be on Hornet, where you will find more. A few tourists are on here and boys looking for normal hook-ups. It’s not as widely used as in places such as Europe & the United States.



Many people have no idea what this gay dating app is. They have simply never heard of it. Based out of China, Blued has a huge user base in Asia. You will not find many westerns on here, that’s for sure. Most of the boys on here are looking for other Asian boys, but certainly not all. It’s not as much a hook-up app but you will find some boys who are up for a good time.

If you are in Thailand for longer than a week or two this is a great place to make local friends or a new fuck buddy. Having said all this, you are in Thailand and money talks. Try it out is my suggestion, it’s a great free app and you will find lots of fun here. Many Thai boys will meet you for fun just to “practice their English”.

Let us know in the comments if there is another app you think are great to use in Thailand.


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