Jomtien Complex – Gay Pattaya

Your guide to Pattaya’s main gay street with over 20 beer bars

It the last few years Jomtien Complex has grown significantly and has now become the largest and most frequented area in Gay Pattaya. Many who visit here will tell you how there is nowhere else quite like it in the world. Jomtien Complex has an atmosphere which is very unique and often quite a surprise to new visitors.

Nowhere else in Thailand, or Asia for that matter has a single street with so many gay bars packed next to each other in one location, and that’s a fact. For instance, many people actually have an issue trying to figure out what bar to go into. What we can tell you is most bars are very welcoming and all have their own group of expat regulars who are always open to meeting new people. Some bars tend to be frequented by specific nationalities. Other bars prove popular and busy simply because they have so many boys working there to come and sit, drink and entertain you.

While the complex itself consists of a few streets, as said before the one main street is where most of the action happens. There are now two show bars with nightly Cabaret shows. You will also find a number of very nice hotels, some of which are gay only establishments.

When it comes to food you are spoilt for choice in Jomtien Complex. There are many restaurants serving international cuisine, some expensive some not. Most of these also serve Thia food, however, there are a number of places dedicated to Thai food also. If you fancy a snack in the evening, a number of street food vendors travel up and down the street selling delicious Thai treats. You will struggle to go hungry in Jomtien Complex.

Jomtien Complex is perfectly located for those who like the beach life. Only a 5 minute walk away is the famous Dong Tan gay beach. There is very little not on offer here which likely explains why many people come back again and again.

We are hoping that the information we provide here can help you decide where you want to stay, where you want to eat and what bars will suit you for an evening of entertainment.

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Jomtien Complex is located roughly 3km south of central Pattaya city. It is accessed from the main Thappraya Road.

By Baht Bus / Songthaew: If you are in Pattaya make sure you get on the bus heading south with your 10 Baht ready to pay. When you are heading into Jomtien you want to ring the bell before Thrappraya Road takes the right turn towards the beach. On the right-hand side of the road, you will see a big sign saying SUPER TOWN *JOMTIEN WALKING STREET*. That is the main entrance into the complex.

Taxi / Motorbike Taxi: Ask any taxi driver to take you to Jomtien Complex. If they don’t know where it is, they are playing dumb. Expect to pay 60 Baht from central Pattaya, but never more than 80 Baht. Be advised that in Pattaya, taxis are not the best form of transport. Car taxis are very expensive and often a scam with drivers refusing to use meters. Motorbike Taxis have always been known to be dangerous with road accidents common.

GrabTaxi: In the mobile app you can search and find Poseidon Hotel. It is a gay hotel at the entrance of Jomtien Complex. Be advised GrabTaxi is quite expensive in Pattaya, with high minimum fares.

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